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Viagra Through Canada

Friday, January 26th, 2007

Viagra through canada Well, viagra through canada I’m using the term “debate” loosely here because it seems to me, viagra through canada given the marshalled evidence, viagra through canada there isn’t much of a debate to be had, viagra through canada but in any case, viagra through canada Microsoft has responded to Peter Gutmann‘s cost analysis of the DRM subsystems in Windows Vista (of which I’d written about earlier), viagra through canada and also in system hardware that has anything to do with handling of so-called “premium content” (i.e. Viagra through canada content encoded onto newly emerging HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs). Viagra through canada Their reply is here..

Viagra through canada Windows Vista Content Protection – Twenty Questions (and Answers)

Viagra through canada Peter Gutmann’s rebuttal to Microsoft’s response is here..

Viagra through canada Microsoft’s Response

Viagra through canada ..which is an appendix of his overall “Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection” paper. Viagra through canada

Viagra through canada If you are at all curious as to the veracity and logic of Microsoft’s response, viagra through canada it is worth reading Peter Gutmann’s response in detail. Viagra through canada

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Imitation Viagra

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Imitation viagra Peter Gutmann has just published a fairly detailed examination of Windows Vista Content Protection. Imitation viagra It is highly recommended reading in that it has non-trivial implications for essentially all personal computer users of any stripe…

Imitation viagra A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection

Imitation viagra Note that this analysis dovetails with Bruce Schneier‘s overall “DRM is futile” piece from 2001…

Imitation viagra The Futility of Digital Copy Prevention

Imitation viagra And also it has been coming for a while. Imitation viagra Here’s a Microsoft doc from early 2005 that goes into fair detail describing the DRM-driven system workings that Peter analyzes…

Imitation viagra Output Content Protection and Windows Vista
Updated: April 27, imitation viagra 2005

Imitation viagra ..although interestingly enough, imitation viagra technorati lists only 13 references to it in their view of the blogosphere. Imitation viagra Perhaps this upcoming train wreck isn’t all that widely perceived. Imitation viagra

Imitation viagra To me, imitation viagra Microsoft’s introduction of this level of bizzare complexity into the hardware and software platform, imitation viagra simply tends to reinforce the refrain of one of my colleagues: “I ain’t going anywhere near Vista.”

Imitation viagra Seems like I’ll have to sooner or later get around to experimenting with bringing up Ubuntu and/or CENT/OS and evaluating what it’ll take to migrate my environment over to one of them. Imitation viagra Oh, imitation viagra yeah, imitation viagra and get my hardware upgraded sooner rather than later here so that it hopefully won’t have this foolishness in it. Imitation viagra I wonder how long into the future XP will be supported?

Imitation viagra [update 25-Dec-2006]

Imitation viagra Peter has updated his analysis paper to provide pointers to publicly available sources. Imitation viagra

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What Color Is Viagra

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

What color is viagra Ok, what color is viagra so if yer hip to cryptography at least some, what color is viagra then you know that to do truly strong crypto, what color is viagra one needs a source of very random numbers. What color is viagra This is not all that easy, what color is viagra it turns out. What color is viagra If you’re unaware of this little subtle-but-way-important detail, what color is viagra check out Ross Anderson‘s book Security Engineering and Bruce Schneier‘s Applied Cryptography. What color is viagra

What color is viagra Anyway, what color is viagra so these creative geeks are apparently going for outer-space-based events as sources of noise from which to generate their randomness. What color is viagra The article from zdnet UK (originally) is here..

What color is viagra Start-up generates random numbers from space

What color is viagra Note that the article has pointers to various other orgs providing ostensibly random numbers over the Internet.

What color is viagra A nod of acknowledgment to Dan Geer, what color is viagra who’s post to the Cryptography@ list was the source for this post. What color is viagra

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Bio Viagra Herbal

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

Bio viagra herbal So Pat Patterson has pulled a nice rabbit outta his hat and concocted a SAMLv2 Relying Party Implementation in PHP! I’m going to have to play with this one…

Bio viagra herbal Switching on the Lightbulb

Bio viagra herbal Q&A on the OpenSSO SAML 2.0 PHP work

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Cheap Viagra Online

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

Cheap viagra online Ross Anderson, cheap viagra online a founder of the field of Security Economics, cheap viagra online who previously maintained an old-school homepage as his “blog” (similar to what I also used to do, cheap viagra online though he did/does a way better job), cheap viagra online is now blogging on his U of Cambridge Security Research group’s blog..

Cheap viagra online Light Blue Touchpaper

Cheap viagra online It, cheap viagra online and Ross’ other web pages and publications (notably his book Security Engineering), cheap viagra online are all Highly Recommended Reading. Cheap viagra online

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