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Who Invented Viagra

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Who invented viagra RFC6125TLS/SSL Server Identity Check” (aka “TLS Server ID Check“, who invented viagra “SSL Server ID
“, who invented viagra “TLS/SSL Server ID Check“, who invented viagra “SSL Server ID“) is now available:

Who invented viagra Representation and Verification of Domain-Based Application Service
Identity within Internet Public Key Infrastructure Using X.509 (PKIX) Certificates in the Context of Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Who invented viagra Alas, who invented viagra we messed up by not including this “short form” title directly in the spec:

Who invented viagra TLS/SSL Server Identity Check

Who invented viagra But hopefully people will know what spec is meant if someone uses that short-form title. Who invented viagra

Who invented viagra I’ve written about the spec and its background before:

Who invented viagra of TLS/SSL Server Identity Checking

Who invented viagra Although we produced the spec without a formal working group, who invented viagra many people contributed to it one way or another. Who invented viagra From the Contributors and Acknowledgments sections:

Who invented viagra The following individuals made important contributions to the text of this document: Shumon Huque, who invented viagra RL ‘Bob’ Morgan, who invented viagra and Kurt Zeilenga.

Who invented viagra The editors and contributors wish to thank the following individuals for their feedback and suggestions: Bernard Aboba, who invented viagra Richard Barnes, who invented viagra Uri Blumenthal, who invented viagra Nelson Bolyard, who invented viagra Kaspar Brand, who invented viagra Anthony Bryan, who invented viagra Scott Cantor, who invented viagra Wan-Teh Chang, who invented viagra Bil Corry, who invented viagra Dave Cridland, who invented viagra Dave Crocker, who invented viagra Cyrus Daboo, who invented viagra Charles Gardiner, who invented viagra Philip Guenther, who invented viagra Phillip Hallam-Baker, who invented viagra Bruno Harbulot, who invented viagra Wes Hardaker, who invented viagra David Harrington, who invented viagra Paul Hoffman, who invented viagra Love Hornquist Astrand, who invented viagra Henry Hotz, who invented viagra Russ Housley, who invented viagra Jeffrey Hutzelman, who invented viagra Cullen Jennings, who invented viagra Simon Josefsson, who invented viagra Geoff Keating, who invented viagra John Klensin, who invented viagra Scott Lawrence, who invented viagra Matt McCutchen, who invented viagra Alexey Melnikov, who invented viagra Subramanian Moonesamy, who invented viagra Eddy Nigg, who invented viagra Ludwig Nussel, who invented viagra Joe Orton, who invented viagra Tom Petch, who invented viagra Yngve N. Who invented viagra Pettersen, who invented viagra Tim Polk, who invented viagra Robert Relyea, who invented viagra Eric Rescorla, who invented viagra Pete Resnick, who invented viagra Martin Rex, who invented viagra Joe Salowey, who invented viagra Stefan Santesson, who invented viagra Jim Schaad, who invented viagra Rob Stradling, who invented viagra Michael Stroeder, who invented viagra Andrew Sullivan, who invented viagra Peter Sylvester, who invented viagra Martin Thomson, who invented viagra Paul Tiemann, who invented viagra Sean Turner, who invented viagra Nicolas Williams, who invented viagra Dan Wing, who invented viagra Dan Winship, who invented viagra and Stefan Winter. Who invented viagra

Who invented viagra Thanks also to Barry Leiba and Ben Campbell for their reviews on behalf of the Security Directorate and the General Area Review Team, who invented viagra respectively.

Who invented viagra The responsible Area Director was Alexey Melnikov.

Who invented viagra (i.e. Who invented viagra 59 people besides PeterSA and myself (wow))

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Viagra Cartoon

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Viagra cartoon As I’ve previously mentioned, viagra cartoon I’ve been working on a specification for “TLS/SSL Server Identity Checking” along with Peter Saint-Andre. Viagra cartoon

Viagra cartoon We’ve now heard back from the RFC Editor, viagra cartoon and we’re in the so-called “AUTH48 state” where we, viagra cartoon the spec’s authors/editors, viagra cartoon work with the RFC Editor folks to turn the Internet-Draft into a RFC. Viagra cartoon

Viagra cartoon At this point we know the RFC number-to-be: 6125. Viagra cartoon

Viagra cartoon So, viagra cartoon we’re close to getting this thing out the door, viagra cartoon whew. Viagra cartoon :)

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What Is Cialis

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

What is cialis [ Update (23-Apr-2011): This spec was published as RFC6125 on 30-Mar-2011. What is cialis See also this more recent post. What is cialis ]

What is cialis Aside from HSTS, what is cialis which I’ve written about here earlier, what is cialis I’ve also been working on a specification for “TLS/SSL Server Identity Checking” along with Peter Saint-Andre. What is cialis

What is cialis The basic summary is: you have a DNS domain name identifying some application service (aka “a server”) you wish to connect to over TLS/SSL, what is cialis e.g. What is cialis “”, what is cialis and once you do so, what is cialis how do you really know (and check) that the returned PKIX Certificate contains an identifier(s) that maps to the name of the application service you intended to interact with?

What is cialis This turns out to be a fairly complex endeavor, what is cialis and up to the present here, what is cialis various protocol specs have either specified it on their own, what is cialis or have referenced another spec that has addressed the problem. What is cialis One such referenced spec is RFC2830, what is cialis “Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3): Extension for Transport Layer Security“, what is cialis which I co-authored. What is cialis So anyway, what is cialis I got involved a few years back in trying to concoct a dedicated specification for how to do TLS/SSL server identity checking in an application protocol neutral fashion. What is cialis Eventually, what is cialis Peter Saint-Andre and I signed up to buckle down and make the spec a reality. What is cialis Much of this work occurred during 2010. What is cialis

What is cialis The resulting internet-draft, what is cialis draft-saintandre-tls-server-id-check, what is cialis was approved on 20-Jan-2011 as a Proposed Standard RFC, what is cialis and will be published as such in the next couple of months. What is cialis It has this fairly precise but unwieldy title:

What is cialis Representation and Verification of Domain-Based Application Service Identity within Internet Public Key Infrastructure Using X.509 (PKIX) Certificates in the Context of Transport Layer Security (TLS)

What is cialis In the spec (which has been referred to as “-tls-server-id-check” in various email discussion threads (e.g. What is cialis see the list), what is cialis we provide an appendix of extracts from various current RFCs that specify performing such a check. What is cialis The hope is that, what is cialis going forward, what is cialis emerging specifications can simply reference (i.e. What is cialis “re-use”), what is cialis and profile if necessary, what is cialis the -tls-server-id-check spec. What is cialis In fact, what is cialis there’s presently four Internet-Drafts in the RFC-Editor’s work queue that do just that. What is cialis

What is cialis =JeffH sez check it out :)

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Order Viagra 1

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Order viagra 1 Eve (aka xmlgrrl) posted the following bit of musing today..

Order viagra 1 Circles of trust: disaster? or really bad idea?

Order viagra 1 ..which I tend to think hits the proverbial nail pretty squarely on the head wrt “open internet”, order viagra 1 “trust all comers”, order viagra 1 and “trust circles”. Order viagra 1

Order viagra 1 One very small, order viagra 1 detail-level comment I have on her post is that where she writes..

Order viagra 1 (where users are okay with this sort of back-channel communication)

Order viagra 1 ..I would instead make it explicitly clear that “users” sometimes don’t have any direct say with respect to the machinations of the IT department on their behalf. Order viagra 1 Hence I would write it as..

Order viagra 1 (where users are okay with this sort of back-channel communication, order viagra 1 or where they don’t have any say (e.g. Order viagra 1 in an enterprise deployment))

Order viagra 1 Note I don’t feel that the latter is necessarily a good thing, order viagra 1 but it’s reality in corporate, order viagra 1 governmental, order viagra 1 and education worlds (at least), order viagra 1 and no amount of attesting that “I want to own my identity data!” is going to change it any time soon (admittedly unfortunately). Order viagra 1 Besides one’s identity, order viagra 1 outside of one’s own thoughts, order viagra 1 “ a story“, order viagra 1 as Bob Blakley noted a while back, order viagra 1 but has been understood for quite a while by social scientists and philosophers (see, order viagra 1 for example, order viagra 1 Erving Goffman). Order viagra 1

Order viagra 1 But I digress… 😉

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