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So yer not sure why I brought a Gong?

Monday, December 11th, 2006

Eve Maler wrote, in her post about the Un-Talent Show at IIW2006b last Tue evening 5-Dec-2006

UPDATE: … about the gong. I’m not sure exactly what possessed JeffH to bring it with him, but he’s local and he’s a drummer, so QED, I guess! Kaliya used it throughout the IIW event to signal session transitions and such.

Well, some people bring cameras, ipods, whatever to meetings/conferences. I bring various wacky things from time-to-time. I suppose bringing one of my gongs is “friendlier” than bringing my sword, though some would argue the sword could be whacked on tables or whathaveyou to signal session transitions…

JeffH with sword, in office.

TIPPI Workshop: Trustworthy [User] Interfaces for Passwords and Personal Information

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

Dan Boneh yesterday announced the open registration (free, as in beer) for the 2nd Annual TIPPI Workshop at Stanford University. Looks like there is an interesting batch of papers to be presented, which have relevance to recent discussions on the IETF-HTTP-Auth@ mailing list (especially threads during May-2006, e.g. “New draft on anti-phishing requirements”, “BOF proposal”, “BOF Request: WARP – Web Authentication Resistant to Phishing”).

Liberty Alliance Developer’s Workshop 12-Jun-2006 San Francisco

Sunday, June 4th, 2006

Liberty Alliance is hosting an Identity Web Services Framework Developer’s Workshop in San Francisco on 12-Jun-2006, ahead of the Burton Catalyst conference. It’s free, although the registration cutoff is 10-Jun. There will be several presentations by ID-WSF architects, including an ID-WSF overview (by Conor Cahill), a People Service overview (by Hubert Le Van Gong), and a use-case-driven exploration of the policy and consent pieces of ID-WSF (by Peter Davis). The presentations are followed by a Q