Geek Alert: Start-up generates random numbers from space

Ok, so if yer hip to cryptography at least some, then you know that to do truly strong crypto, one needs a source of very random numbers. This is not all that easy, it turns out. If you’re unaware of this little subtle-but-way-important detail, check out Ross Anderson‘s book Security Engineering and Bruce Schneier‘s Applied Cryptography.

Anyway, so these creative geeks are apparently going for outer-space-based events as sources of noise from which to generate their randomness. The article from zdnet UK (originally) is here..

Start-up generates random numbers from space

Note that the article has pointers to various other orgs providing ostensibly random numbers over the Internet.

A nod of acknowledgment to Dan Geer, who’s post to the Cryptography@ list was the source for this post.

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