RLBob migrates to The Cloud

A day or two earlier this week, RL “Bob” Morgan, a long time colleague and friend of many of us in the Higher-Ed, Identity, directory, University of Washington, Stanford, IETF, OASIS, Internet2 Middleware communities passed away due to complications from his long bout with cancer and treatments thereof.

Bob made positive contributions wherever he traveled and to whatever he participated in (notably his beloved family). I personally benefited greatly from his friendship and mentoring, and am going to miss him so very terribly.

Various of his colleagues/friends had been joking online with him about whether “this time”, his second stem cell transplant, was “an OS re-install” or whatever, and so he definitively cleared it up for all of us in his imitable fashion, with this blog post entitled “Metaphorically on “day zero” (21-Jun-2012)..

Just to clear this up, for all you computer people.
Last time was “re-install OS and restore from backup”.
This time is “install a different OS”.
Next time is “migrate to the cloud”.
Got it?

Unfortunately, “this time” and “next time” got conflated, and RLBob indeed has migrated to The Cloud. :-(

Hey big guy, are you gonna help them deploy SCIM up there?

Tributes to RL “Bob” can be found (and posted) here:


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