Liberty ID-WSF v2.0 is announced

It’s been a long haul, but it’s finally out the door..

Liberty Alliance Releases Final Version of ID-WSF 2.0 Web Services Standards (a comprehensive press release)

The specs themselves are here, and a very useful diagram illustrating the various high-level entity relationships in a deployment is here. If you mouse-over the boxes in the latter diagram, you’ll get a pop-up definition for that box’s role in the abstract deployment architecture, taken from the glossary (plus a link to the glossary). I’m tickled by this because I’m the glossary’s editor, and it seems that glossaries are often overlooked. But in any case, I edited or contributed to many of the specs, so am glad it’s finally out.

So, this was a pretty dry post, like most of mine seem to be. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to get some humor in here. But in the meantime, there’s folks who manage humor just fine. See Paul Madsen’s post wrt ID-WSFv2.0, for example :)

A whole passel of folks contributed to getting this release done and out. Those of us who wrote chunks of specs got our names on the specs, which is nice, but there’s a non-trivial chunk of that passel who did yeoman‘s work helping this stuff get done, many of whom work for IEEE-ISTO, and I thank them for their contributions.

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