“Identity Open Space” Unconference in Vancouver BC in Jul-2006

There will be an “Identity Open Space (IOS)Unconference held in Vancouver BC in Jul-2006, during the same week as the Liberty Alliance Project holds their quarterly members’ meeting in the same town. In fact, all Identity Open Space attendees are invited to attend the Vancouver Liberty members’ meeting!

This IOS event is billed as a co-production of the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) Organizers (nominally Kaliya Hamlin, Doc Searles, and Phil Windley) and the Liberty Alliance Project.

This idea of co-locating an IOS event with the Liberty meeting is a great idea for several reasons, not the least of which is that it fosters convergence in the Identity space, and Identity is what Liberty has been all about from the beginning.

I attended the IIW2006 conference and found it to be quite interesting, stimulating, informative, and a great idea exchange venue.

Kaliya’s blog entry about IOS Vancouver — also known as “IdentityOSVan” — is HERE.

Johannes Ernst also blogged about it, entitling it (amusingly enough) “Un-Liberty?“.

Very much unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend due to overlap with a long-planned family vacation. :-(

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