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There will be an "" held in in Jul-2006, during the in the same town. In fact, all Identity Open Space attendees are invited to attend the Vancouver Liberty members' meeting! This IOS event is billed as a co-production of the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) Organizers (nominally , , [viramune 200mg pills $135.00] and ) and the . This idea of co-locating an IOS event with the Liberty meeting is a great idea for several reasons, not the least of which is that it fosters convergence in the Identity space, and viramune 200mg pills $135.00 Identity is what Liberty has been all about from the beginning. Viramune 200mg pills $135.00 i attended the conference and found it to be quite interesting, stimulating viramune 200mg pills $135.00, informative, and a great idea exchange venue. Kaliya's -- also known as "IdentityOSVan" -- is . Johannes Ernst also blogged about it, entitling it (amusingly enough) "". Very much unfortunately, I won't be able to attend due to overlap with a long-planned family vacation. :-(

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