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Ok, my apologies for latency sildenafil oral jelly, this is somewhat old news, but I haven't as yet "announced" it: I landed at , in the Information Risk Management organization under Michael Barrett ("InfoSec Team" for short), back in March. I'm very excited to be working at one of the premier web-based organizations and also directly in the security end of things. Sildenafil oral jelly sildenafil oral jelly i now get to be involved in the adoption and deployment of the various online identity and security technologies i've been contributing to for many years, as well as contribute to carrying them forward, and also learn some new things. The latter has been a fair bit of work and steep learning curve as it has involved "web (in)security", which is a vast swamp involving XSS, CSRF, response-splitting, clickjacking, etc. (hence my crawling into a cave the last several months). And not least, I've been very much enjoying meeting and working with key folks involved in web security and browser implementation. And so with the public announcement of the first web security specification that I've contributed to (see next post), it seemed I ought to really pop this frame to the top of [sildenafil oral jelly] the stack and get it out there 8^).

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