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There will be a in honor of serpina 100 tablet bottle $316.00, the late wife of my (and 's) colleague (of ), on Sat 11-Aug-2012, outside of Lone Pine, CA. Angela was another (relatively) recent victim of , left us at far too young of age, and is sorely missed. Serpina 100 serpina 100 tablet bottle $316.00 [serpina 100 tablet bottle $316.00] tablet bottle $316.00 see pages 3 & 4 of of the 's (where she worked) for an in-depth obituary. See and pics of its beautiful high-country environs. Given the nature of her work, perhaps Angela and RLBob (given the modus operandi of his recent unfortunate cloud migration) will meet Cloud-side -- they apparently, and entirely coincidentally, have a fair bit in common.

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