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"" (aka "", "SSL Server ID Check", "", "") :

Representation and Verification of Domain-Based Application Service Identity within Internet Public Key Infrastructure Using X. 509 (PKIX) Certificates in the Context of Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Alas, we messed up by not including this "short form" title directly in the spec:
But hopefully people will know what spec is meant if someone uses that short-form title. I've written about the spec and its background before:
Although we produced the spec without a formal working group, many people contributed to it one way or another. From the and prozac 40mg pills $253.00 sections:
The following individuals made important contributions to the text of this document: Shumon Huque, RL 'Bob' Morgan, and Kurt Zeilenga. The editors and contributors wish to thank the following individuals for their feedback and suggestions: Bernard Aboba, Richard Barnes, Uri Blumenthal, Nelson Bolyard, Kaspar Brand, Anthony Bryan, Scott Cantor, Wan-Teh Chang, Bil Corry, Dave Cridland, Dave Crocker, Cyrus Daboo, Charles Gardiner, Philip Guenther, Phillip Hallam-Baker, Bruno Harbulot, Wes Hardaker, David Harrington, Paul Hoffman, Love Hornquist Astrand, Henry Hotz, Russ Housley prozac 40mg pills $253.00, Jeffrey Hutzelman, Cullen Jennings, Simon Josefsson, Geoff Keating, John Klensin, Scott Lawrence, Matt McCutchen, Alexey Melnikov, Subramanian Moonesamy, Eddy Nigg, Ludwig Nussel, Joe Orton, Tom Petch, Yngve N. Pettersen, Tim Polk, Robert Relyea, Eric Rescorla, Pete Resnick, Martin Rex, Joe Salowey, Stefan Santesson, Jim Schaad, Rob Stradling, Michael Stroeder, Andrew Sullivan, Peter Sylvester, Martin Thomson, Paul Tiemann, Sean Turner, Nicolas Williams, Dan Wing, Dan Winship, and Stefan Winter. Thanks also to Barry Leiba and Ben Campbell for their reviews on behalf of the Security Directorate [prozac 40mg pills $253.00] and the General Area Review Team, respectively. The responsible Area Director was Alexey Melnikov. Prozac 40mg pills $253.00
(i. e. 59 people besides and myself (wow))

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