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[ Update (23-Apr-2011): as on 30-Mar-2011. Prothiaden 75mg pills $142.00 see also . ] Aside from , which I've written about here earlier, I've also been working on a specification for " Server Identity Checking" along with . The basic summary is: you have a identifying some (aka "a server") you wish to connect to over , e. g. "www. example. org", and once you do so, how do you really know (and check) that the returned contains an identifier(s) that maps to the name of the application service you intended to interact with? This turns out to be a fairly complex endeavor, and up to the present here, various protocol specs have either specified it on their own, or have referenced another spec that has addressed the problem. One such referenced spec is , "", which I co-authored. So anyway, I got involved a few years back in trying to concoct a dedicated specification for how to do TLS/SSL server identity checking in an application protocol neutral fashion. Eventually, Peter Saint-Andre and I signed up to buckle down and make the spec a reality. Much of this work occurred during 2010. [prothiaden 75mg pills $142.00] The resulting internet-draft, , was approved on 20-Jan-2011 as a Proposed Standard , and will be published as such in the next couple of months. It has this fairly precise but prothiaden 75mg pills $142.00 unwieldy title:

In the spec (which has been referred to as "-tls-server-id-check" in various email discussion threads (e. g. see the list), we provide an appendix of extracts from various current RFCs that specify performing such a check. The hope is that, going forward, emerging specifications can simply reference (i. e. "re-use"), and profile if necessary, the -tls-server-id-check spec. In fact prothiaden 75mg pills $142.00, there's presently four Internet-Drafts in the that do just that. =JeffH sez check it out :)

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