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There's a new revision of the SIP-SAML profile spec. .

SIP SAML Profile and Binding
The key changes in this revision are that we're aiming for (for now) due to (, which we build upon), and we've add an additional profile to the spec. This new profile simply specifies SAML assertion conveyance "by value" in the body of SIP message(s) rather than "by reference". Note that the overall notion of "SIP Identity" has been in-flux over the last year+. Once that set of issues is (hopefully) resolved, then we can do another SIP-SAML spec on the . Lyrica 150mg pills [lyrica 150mg pills $273.00] $273.00 also lyrica 150mg pills $273.00, the co-chairs lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 have called for on this -05 revision. =JeffH sez getcher comments in!

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