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It's been a long haul, but it's finally out the door. .

(a comprehensive press release)
The specs themselves are , and a very useful diagram illustrating the various high-level entity relationships in a deployment is . If you mouse-over the boxes in the latter diagram, you'll get a pop-up definition for that box's role in the abstract deployment architecture, taken from the glossary (). Femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 i'm tickled by this because i'm the glossary's editor, and it seems that glossaries are often overlooked. But in any case, I edited femara 2.5mg pills $160.00 or contributed to many of the specs, so am glad it's finally out. So femara 2.5mg pills $160.00, this was a pretty dry post, like most of mine seem to be. Maybe someday I'll [femara 2.5mg pills $160.00] figure out how to get some humor in here. But in the meantime, there's folks who manage humor just fine. See , for example :) A whole of folks contributed to getting this release done and out. Those of us who wrote chunks of specs got our names on the specs, which is nice, but there's a non-trivial chunk of that passel who did 's helping this stuff get done, many of whom work for , and I thank them for their contributions.

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