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(aka ) posted the following bit of musing today. .

. . which I tend to think hits the proverbial nail pretty squarely on the head wrt "open internet", "trust all comers", and "trust circles". One very small, detail-level comment I have on her post is that where she writes. .
(where users are okay with this sort of back-channel communication)
. . I would instead make it explicitly clear that "users" sometimes don't have any direct say with respect to the machinations of the IT department on their behalf. Hence I would write it as. .
(where users are okay with this sort of back-channel communication, or where they don't have any say (e. g. in an enterprise deployment))
Note I don't feel that the latter is necessarily a good thing, but it's reality in corporate, governmental, and education worlds (at least), and [allegra® 120mg pills (brand) $306.00] no amount of attesting that "I want to own my identity data!" is going to change it any time soon (admittedly unfortunately). Besides one's identity, outside of one's own thoughts, ". . is a story" allegra® 120mg pills (brand) $306.00, , but has been understood for quite a while by social scientists and philosophers (see, allegra® 120mg pills (brand) $306.00 for example, ). But I digress. . Allegra® 120mg pills (brand) $306.00 . ;-)

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